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I Heart New York

Spending a Friday evening watching legislative “debate”, and I’m using that term very loosely, probably isn’t something I’ve ever done before last night.  If I did do it before last night, I’ve successfully repressed the memories with good cause.

The outcome of last night’s New York Senate session however was fascinating and exhilarating.  I wasn’t sure until very near the end if I was watching a train wreck or photo-finish win.  For me it was Senator Grisanti’s speech explaining his vote that convinced me  it would be the latter.

The man gets it. Marriages like mine and Randy’s do not hurt either his own marriage or his faith. The question is about the legal rights and obligations of citizens, not who will call him a flip-flopper, and no politician should be so afraid of evolving they become an impediment to progress.

Chuck posted this on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at  7:38 am.   Comments Off on I Heart New York 

The Color of the Day is Pink

Just a little eye candy in the form of Jacob Sharpe and a bunch of pink balls [via Jimbo]

Chuck posted this on Sunday, May 8, 2011 at  11:03 am.   Comments Off on The Color of the Day is Pink 

Goofy Would Totally Go!

I’ve definitely fallen in love with the classic Walt Disney shorts ever since Santa brought us Epic Mickey last month.  I’m fascinated with the original characters and their original attitudes, and certainly wish they were getting more new material.  Yes, more.  They might not be doing short pieces of animation, but Epic Mickey is certainly a major work featuring Mickey and the others in their prime, and I can’t get enough.

Surfer’s Journal posted a link to this classic short today that’s totally taking my mind off the zombie stomach lurching around my gut.  Nothing like some classic hula on a Friday afternoon.

Chuck posted this on Friday, January 21, 2011 at  1:46 pm.   Comments Off on Goofy Would Totally Go! 

Caroling, Howling Point Style

Taking a break from the last-minute flurry of holiday baking to bring you a little non-traditional Christmas music.

[via someone’s twitter feed – sorry whoever you were]

and [via Kipesquire]

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Chuck posted this on Friday, December 24, 2010 at  3:37 pm.   Comments Off on Caroling, Howling Point Style 

Big Bowl O’ Christmas Eye Candy

Yeah, I know some of you a freezing your bits off under tons of snow that are collapsing your buildings.  Not really my problem, but I do have other issues that I need to take my mind off of, so here’s a bit of Christmas eye candy for ya [via Kenneth in the 212].

Remember, Christmas is only for bundling up if you’re in badly stereotyped movies.  Otherwise the secular aspects of the holiday season are all about Speedo Santa Runs and prepping for the Penguin Plunge.

Chuck posted this on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at  9:07 am.   Comments Off on Big Bowl O’ Christmas Eye Candy 

Morning At The Zoo

A bit of local site-seeing this morning, with breakfast out and some walking at the Zoo, around Balboa Park, and then a stroll through Little Italy while running some errands.  These two were the highlight of the morning (except maybe for a certain jogger) and seemed to be having a blast.

Chuck posted this on Sunday, August 22, 2010 at  5:18 pm.   Comments Off on Morning At The Zoo 

Saturday Eye Candy

Been a bit short on substance around here lately. Muy busy with the work thing, blah, blah, blah, so this is just a little something to help with that whole OMG why am I up this early on a Saturday trauma.

[via Greg Louganis]

Chuck posted this on Saturday, July 31, 2010 at  6:56 am.   Comments Off on Saturday Eye Candy 

Vicarious Morning Swim

I may have been slacking in my personal swims lately, but smelling the chlorine vicariously this morning with this video.


Love being able to combine alumni fan-boyism with the vicarious smell of chlorine in the morning.  It’s especially good when it involves seeing Cal Bears out giving back locally and working with the kiddies.  Now if I could only get up the energy to get to an actual swim…

Chuck posted this on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at  7:22 am.   Comments Off on Vicarious Morning Swim 

Ear and Eye Candy

Saw the new video of Straight No Chaser’s Tainted Love this morning.  Love the video, but it just makes me even more disappointed that I couldn’t swing seeing them when they played San Diego a couple of weeks ago.  With tickets to the Glee concert in Los Angeles and a brunch date with the Mouse on the same weekend it just wasn’t meant to happen.

And yes, their With a Twist album is playing on iTunes as I type this.

Chuck posted this on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at  8:42 am.   Comments Off on Ear and Eye Candy 

On Greenness

I’ll be wearing green whenever I get around to getting dressed, except when I go out for my swim because I don’t have a green speedo anymore, and I’m not going to run out and buy one just for the holiday.  I love the holiday and all things Irish, but some things are overkill.

Nothing really new here for the holiday in terms of content either, so please enjoy this YouTube rerun from last year.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at  8:26 am.   Comments Off on On Greenness 

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