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Fever and Phlegm: A Special Thanksgiving Story

Spent the holiday trying to get over some kinduva respiratory thing that kept me from the extended family shindig in Las Vegas.  Nurse Diego and his crack aquatic convalescence staff took made me get up and eat periodically, and the magic of Facetime made it almost like I was there enjoying the tryptofan.

Did have a minor revelatory breakthough re: Facebook though.  I’ve spent too much time on their site lately, and not enough on my own.  I got cut off cold Turkey sometime Thanksgiving morning though, for “security reasons” that they won’t or can’t explain.  My identity needs to be verified, and I guess their verifiers are out stuffing their faces.  The revelation to me though was a cold, hard reminder that I’m not their customer, I’m just the product they sell to advertisers.  As convenient as that site is, I think it’s time for a new look at what content I post there versus what I post on my own domain.

Chuck posted this on Friday, November 29, 2013 at  1:08 pm.   Comments Off on Fever and Phlegm: A Special Thanksgiving Story 

Catching Up

Let’s see…missed Halloween, the election and Thanksgiving here.  Blame Twitter and Facebook (via iPhone) and a dead PC.  Fortunately the Christmas banners went up automatically on the first,so the site didn’t look completely neglected.  Reloading software and setting new defaults on a new HP laptop now, and trying not to get thrown over the rails managing the Windows 8 learning curve.  Not to mention playing with my  new train and scheduling photo ops for the Dark Lord of the Snow.


Chuck posted this on Sunday, December 9, 2012 at  4:13 am.   Comments Off on Catching Up 

Giving Thanks In Our Own Way

I wasn’t completely sold in the concept going into Thanksgiving dinner, but last night’s buffet experience at the Treasure Island in Vegas has completely sold me.  No cooking, no cleanup.  Ten members of the extended family, including my brother who flew in from Salt Lake City around a big table eating all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, plus chinese, seafood, pizza and cotton candy made it a great time for everyone.

And just in case our own family couldn’t supply enough drama, there were the hundreds of people at the tables surrounding ours adding to the evening entertainment.  Highlight of the evening: the waytooskinny blonde Asian chick who upchucked her first course but stayed at the table as her dinner companions kept fetching her more plates.  Gotta admire the professional staff who brought her a tub without batting an eye – that’s when you know a buffet really, really, means the meal is ‘all you can eat.’ 

Still enjoying the weekend.  Spent the Black Friday away from the malls, but took Diego and Spinner to the beach to stretch the legs and see some new sights.  Boulder Beach at Lake Mead might not be a great surf spot, but it allows us to keep with the family tradition of always hitting the beach on vacations and Diego had a blast chasing the birds.

Chuck posted this on Friday, November 27, 2009 at  4:32 pm.   Comments Off on Giving Thanks In Our Own Way 

Thank You

Yep, y’all are some of the many things we’re giving thanks for this week.   Thanks for spending some time here, thanks for adding to the conversations and thanks for being in our lives.

Now we’re off to Vegas for a couple of days to see if all this thanking leads to some positive karma at the roulette wheel.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at  8:25 am.   Comments Off on Thank You 

Baby Steps

Still recovering from a mild tryptophan coma. Two full thanksgiving dinners and a three day pumpkin pie binge left me pretty much incapable of complete sentences, much less a full post. Should be swimming off some of the turkey and stuffing, but instead, just watching others swim. Baby steps…


Chuck posted this on Sunday, November 30, 2008 at  4:58 pm.   Comments Off on Baby Steps 

Overheard At Thanksgiving Dinner

So, in that one moment when ten conversations along the table go quiet at once, what words are heard from the last young man talking at the far end of the table?

…dude, I’m like stalking at Victoria Secret now.

The redfaced youngster tried to explain to three generations of extended family that all he did was put merchandise on the racks.  I’m not certain if anyone believed him.

Chuck posted this on Thursday, November 22, 2007 at  8:11 pm.   Make the second comment. 

The Chucks

Chuck the swimmer got some good laps in.  Chuck the pig ate too much good food.  Chuck the slug hung out and enjoyed himself around casa.  Chuck the procrastinator was forced to do some good billables.   

Thankful for my health, where I’m at and what I do.  Now on to the next holiday. 

Appropriate boxes were removed from storage on Friday.  Outside lights are up (first, best and brightest in the little condo community) and inside decorations are starting to spread out and take over the place, and the elves were photoshopping new banners this afternoon.  It will be a nice holiday, assuming the weather stays in the 70s and white Christmas remains an evil myth.

Chuck posted this on Sunday, November 26, 2006 at  10:17 pm.   Comments Off on The Chucks 

Heading To Recovery Now

Before losing Thursday by being lured into a carb den and force-fed tryptophan* until I was nearly comatose, I had the pleasure of seeing Casino Royale Wednesday night.

Reading the studio hype about the movie being a reimagined use of the Bond character left me feeling that marketing flacks were simply borrowing the buzzwords from Battlestar Galactica’s success, and doubting any major change other than the lead actor’s hair color.  But as the new Battlestar is to its forebearers, Casino Royale is to such embarrassments from the same era as Octopussy and Moonraker. 

Casino Royale tells a story.  It has suspense.  The action scenes were well done, and in something that’s pretty rare, the Africa scenes looked like the Africa I remember.  Technology and toys, but no reliance on implausible gadgets to save the day.  A Bond who seemed like he was from the original stories of the double-0, and not the parody of the stories he became for a while.  Trying not to drop any spoilers, but a really good movie, particularly if you like the early Sean Connery Bonds.  And of course Dame Judi Dench rocks and still owns the role of M.  (more…)

Chuck posted this on Friday, November 24, 2006 at  8:35 am.   2 comments have been made. Join them. 

Time Management

Apparantly I’m a bad person for suggesting that I shouldn’t have to watch the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tomorrow.  Maybe I’m missing something, but couldn’t I just be called into the living room if any balloons break free with people dangling from the ropes?  With the magic of Tivo, I wouldn’t miss anything really important, would I?

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 at  6:21 pm.   Comments Off on Time Management 


Had a great turkey dinner with all the fixin’s yesterday with some wonderful friends. Now today I’m just sitting around learning some new software
and trying not to get cookie dough on the keyboard. Multitasking can be hazardous to your toys. Even though I will have to work this weekend, both to make up for a long swim Wednesday afternoon and the fact that my current arrangements don’t get me paid on these “holidays,” I’m having a nice day. The sugar coma is coming along nicely, I’ve got a Samurai Jack marathon running in the living room amd Pongo has turned the laundry pile into a nice little fortress of solitude.

Even though I didn’t post it on the designated day, I am thankful for many people and many things, and very glad to be here. Sometimes I bitch about things a bit too much, especially my day job. I’m certainly not where I thought my career would/could/should have been at five-years post-Bar results, but I am happy and thankful for what I do have and the people I share those things with. And Pongo [now let go of my foot!].

Chuck posted this on Friday, November 26, 2004 at  3:08 pm.   Comments Off on Thankful 

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