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Giving Thanks In Our Own Way

I wasn’t completely sold in the concept going into Thanksgiving dinner, but last night’s buffet experience at the Treasure Island in Vegas has completely sold me.  No cooking, no cleanup.  Ten members of the extended family, including my brother who flew in from Salt Lake City around a big table eating all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, plus chinese, seafood, pizza and cotton candy made it a great time for everyone.

And just in case our own family couldn’t supply enough drama, there were the hundreds of people at the tables surrounding ours adding to the evening entertainment.  Highlight of the evening: the waytooskinny blonde Asian chick who upchucked her first course but stayed at the table as her dinner companions kept fetching her more plates.  Gotta admire the professional staff who brought her a tub without batting an eye – that’s when you know a buffet really, really, means the meal is ‘all you can eat.’ 

Still enjoying the weekend.  Spent the Black Friday away from the malls, but took Diego and Spinner to the beach to stretch the legs and see some new sights.  Boulder Beach at Lake Mead might not be a great surf spot, but it allows us to keep with the family tradition of always hitting the beach on vacations and Diego had a blast chasing the birds.

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Thank You

Yep, y’all are some of the many things we’re giving thanks for this week.   Thanks for spending some time here, thanks for adding to the conversations and thanks for being in our lives.

Now we’re off to Vegas for a couple of days to see if all this thanking leads to some positive karma at the roulette wheel.

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Forced To Shop

The weekend roadtrip was only marred by a problem with thieves in Bakersfield. Sometime early Sunday morning some loser(s) smashed a window on Spinner’s Mazda and grabbed a few things off the back seat. Most notably, they got four days of dirty laundry and a black duffle bag that I’ve dragged around the world since the late 1980s. Oh, and Spinner’s camera with our photos from the big Friday night out at the Wynn. The shocker was the Bakersfield PD: they actually came out and did crime scene stuff for a car break-in. The SDPD certainly never would have bothered. In hindsight, I’m think the hotel staff’s calm professionalism in knowing who to call and helping to vacuum up the glass shards from might have betrayed a sense of boredom at a common occurrence and a sense of ‘oh, only one this morning.’ Oh well. Despite the frustration with replacing the window being forced to shop and replace the soiled laundry is much more fun than washing it.

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Big Night Out At La Reve

Spinner and I spent last night in the VIP seats at La Reve at the Wynn here in Vegas. It was over the top when Katherine showed us to out seats and served us our chocolate-dipped strawberries. It was overrer the top when she kept topping off our flutes of Perrier Jouet as we watched the cast prepping back stage on our monitor.

Then we just abandoned the top for an hour and twenty minutes of sensory overstimulation. Like a Cirque de Soleil production, this is theater in the round. There was dancing and diving; acrobatics in the air on the ground and in the water. Four incredible Cupids bringing in the comic relief and the emergency first aid for a stricken show dove. Amazing eroticism, homo and otherwise (it is the story of a romance between a man and a woman). Timing and engineering feats that had divers leaving stage areas then immediately diving back into the pools that replaced them and dance platforms rising and sinking in the pool as needed.

And the performers? OMG the abs, they went forever. Impossibly fit bodies as far as the eye could see and costuming that made certain you knew just how hard those bodies were working while still helping to tell the story.

Two parts of the show in particular did it for me. There was an early scene with divers, some synchronized and some solo, performed beautiful and fun dives off an ever rising series of platforms, with the final dive coming from the rafters at least 20 yards above the pool that had been a stage moments before. Later was an amazing scene with two men performing a modern dance/gymnastics routine that ended with one man balancing the other on his back, neck to neck vertically, before diving into the pool. Not sure words can ever do that one justice.

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From The Road

Currently unwinding in a Las Vegas suite, a couple blocks from the strip, courtesy of Spinner’s side gig. Diego and I are watching the leaves blow around and cursing electronics with inadequate battery lives while Spinner does his thing. Enjoyed walking the strip today, and resting up for a busy Friday. Would’ve liked some pool time, but Diego’s doing his separation anxiety routine really well and my arm’s still in a brace and incapable of actually swimming.

Some attorney scheduled an emergency hearing for tomorrow that I’ll have to handle by phone, then we have lunch with some old friends of mine, and we’ll cap off the Vegas leg of the trip with a showing of La Reve in the evening. Been looking forward to that last one for weeks, and I’ll need the release after dealing with the so-called emergency in the morning. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it too many times: Failure to plan (or show up at regularly scheduled hearings) does not contitute an emergency on my part. pffft.

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