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No Changes

Started off the day watching the life of a fallen superhero, and that has so far been the high point of the day.

Went from there to a local point of suburban sprawl to volunteer with some kids.  Given the tone of Spinner’s previous classes I went in with certain expectations, all of which were quickly and brutally dashed.  No imagination.  No curiosity.  Just a general sense of entitlement backed by ten years of experience that if they do nothing, someone will take care of their needs.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if Moms had swung by to spoonfeed some of these kids at lunch.

In fact they may have.  I wouldn’t know, we went out to a local burger joint.  Knowing the neighborhood I wasn’t surprised when a brand new extra-large Made in ‘Merica truck pulled up covered with posters blaming Obama for everything from global socialism to the driver’s personal bankruptcy.  Unfortunately I still wasn’t surprised when the driver turned out to be one of the Open Carry wingnuts; an old white guy with a Glock proudly on his hip in a restaurant full of children.  While I can certainly support his Second Amendment rights, I only support restaurants that make me feel welcome, safe and secure, and when the staff rushed from the back to greet their friend I knew I’d never be patronizing that business again.  We left quickly.

Got back in the car to listen to some talk radio about a bunch of Senators who feel the nation is best served by either excluding gays from service or forcing them to live lies in order to defend the Constitution in the armed services. Unit cohesion is apparently best served by lies and deception within the unit.  Morale is helped when a significant percentage of the troops are denied the family and dependent benefits available to their colleagues.  Didn’t hear much about the fierce advocate and it certainly didn’t seem like much advocating was taking place today.

Hiding now until some friends come over for the Glee premiere.  Don’t think I can handle any more real life today.

Chuck posted this on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at  4:38 pm.   Make the second comment. 

One Response to “No Changes”

  1. Alma says:

    God, I hate days like this. And, two cents added to the blocking of DADT….what the hell do righties care about gays in the military? Are they really that transparently against everything the left supports, just for the sake of being contrary?

    In a few days from now, after a few drinkies, lots of friends, and some laughs, (and probably more drinks) this day will fit perfectly with the tone of the last month. That being, retooling your life’s work takes agonizing time. Hope you can swim soon. oxo

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