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The Bears Are Coming

One of my gripes about San Diego is that the city is really good at promoting huge for-profit sports franchises, and really horrible about promoting the countless other sports and cultural events around town.  In my gut I think it’s true of most cities, but now that I’m in my seventh year here I notice it more than I have anywhere else.  That comes with being professionally homeless (a term from the Foreign Service days) for so long – no long-term memory of the annual events and not enough time to find all the hidden treasures.

So even though it was on my calendar, it was great to have the local alums remind me last night about the upcoming Crew Classic regatta.  Not that I would have forgotten, but they were using my photographs from last year’s regatta in their plea for housing for the visiting athletes, and the ego boost from that helped brighten the morning. 

 Weather permitting, April 6th will be my seventh Crew Classic.   My first was in 2002 and I haven’t missed one since.  The alumni tents, particularly Cal’s, are first rate venues to relax and catch up, with occasional walks to the shore to yell and cheer when the good races are on.  The competition brings together the best collegiate rowers in the county in spring weather that only San Diego can offer.  Still not sure?  Check out the photos from 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.  Even though San Diego’s not going to promote it, we will.  Come join the thousands of fans, have a beer and some meat off the grill, and watch the races.

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