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June is celebration month.

Haven’t been here much.  I’ve been elsewhere, celebrating Randy’s birthday, our fifth wedding anniversary, the end of the school year, and the Supreme Court rulings on Proposition 8 and DOMA.  That last one is the big one: our marriage is finally a full-size federally recognized marriage.  I was seriously thinking of getting that slogan turned into a logo for a tramp-stamp tattoo between martinis on Wednesday.  It would’ve been something along the lines of a FDA Prime Beef sticker, but more obnoxious.  Alas, it didn’t come to pass.  Another opportunity missed.

In case you missed it though, here’s another sunrise you probably slept through, this time at Santa Cruz.

Dawn Patrol 4: Santa Cruz from Chuck Hartley on Vimeo.

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Flashing Back On The Party

One year ago, almost to the minute, I was bouncing off the walls, stressed almost to my limits.  It was the day of our wedding reception.  The caterer had just called to tell us someone had poached our spot at Crown Point, and because of that we needed to find tables and chairs for about 80 people.  Spinner was off hunting down the cake.   Diego was probably being a pain – nothing unusual – he just gets that way when he thinks he’s being ignored or abandoned.

Everything worked out though, and it was a wonderful day.  Hands down one of the best days of my life.  The June wedding’s right up there too, and it’s hard to put one over the other.  Yes, I’m still proud to be a June Party B but always love a good party.

Small, intimate, peaceful ceremony to express our commitment versus large, public, and just plain FUN party to celebrate that commitment.  Tough call.

For years, assuming we’d never get “married”, we celebrated the anniversary of our first date.  Since then we’ve celebrated that and the anniversary of the June wedding.  We’re both remembering today, but there’s nothing special planned.  Two anniversaries per year is enough for any couple.

I don’t think this last year has been easy on anyone.  The fabulousness was so much that the H8ers felt they had to step in and try to end our marriage, and the most fabulous cake shop around was a victim of the recession.  But I’m definitely happy we’ve taken this route and appreciate everyone who came out a year ago to help us celebrate.  Now back to meeting Diego’s need for attention.

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Ups, Downs and Colors on a Sunday Morning

Sunday started nicely with some good surf in Encinitas, and a good breakfast burrito in a little dive on the coast highway.   It was  brought down a bit by the realization that Spinnner’s wedding ring was apparantly lost in the ocean during the session.  We then consoled ourselves over the loss with a relaxing drive home through the back county on Via de la Valle and the Del Dios Highway, admiring all the bright colors on the side of the road.  Just wanted to reach out the window and grab a handful.

Plants in north county are looking pretty dry after days of 100+ degree heat, bringing back lots of memories of Firestorm 07, but those cyclists looked plenty hydrated, and so pretty in the varying hues of lycra.   Mmmm, nap time until we meet some friends for pizza this afternoon.

Chuck posted this on Sunday, August 30, 2009 at  11:56 am.   2 comments have been made. Join them. 

One Year Into Forever

Still on vacation in Pismo, making a quick post while Spinner forages for breakfast.  Diego’s getting spoiled rotten with the long, leashless, walks on the beach.  This morning’s was a special treat though.

About halfway down the beach we stumbled on (and Diego sniffed) a young couple enjoying a bottle of champagne with the sunrise.  Didn’t want to intrude to the point of asking what they were celebrating – settled for luring Diego away so they could get back to their moment.  Have to assume though they were there to help celebrate our anniversary.  Yep, our wedding was one year ago today, on the second day of California’s 2008 marriage equality window.  The marriage is still going strong despite the best efforts of the H8ers, and I love Randy even more today then I ever have.

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Marriage and Money

As we plan for our first anniversary in Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo, it’s been interesting reading all the marriage stuff in the news lately. Maine! New Hampshire, maybe! Of course, we’re still waiting for the big story: California’s ruling on the validity of Prop 8, if any.

But it is interesting seeing the fallout continue from the Prop 8 battle itself. At least one boycott seems to be working. Pain is being felt, and attitudes, at least publicly if not in some people’s black little hearts, are changing.  For me though I have to admit the thought of balancing donations ($125,000 to gay groups to balance his $125,000 promoting H8) isn’t the goal and isn’t enough.  The goal has to be to ensure that when the issue comes up again, and it will, not one dime of money spent at that hotel finds it’s way to the anti-equality groups.  Letting him finance both sides to get favorable publicity across the board would never be enough to get me to spend my money at his, or any of the similarly-situated businesses again.

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Cue The Gauzy Flashback

Interesting reading the news from Des Moines and flashing back to the first day of legal same-sex marriage in California last June.  We were planning to get married on Day Two (which we did), but on Day One we spent some time scouting out the registrar’s office up in downtown San Luis Obispo.  

Two things were in mind: we didn’t want to get lost the next morning with our guests in tow, and we were just a tad curious about how the local wingnuts were going to react. We found the building easily, and instead of wingnuts we found the local branch of the Unitarian Universalists serving cake and handing out roses. We hadn’t been quite certain how our folk would be welcomed up there (most of the news accounts had focussed on the larger counties) and along with the wonderful staff at the San Luis Obispo county recorder’s office, their congregation’s marriage party was a pleasant surprise.  Glad to see they’re doing their thing for Iowans too.

Chuck posted this on Monday, April 27, 2009 at  7:52 am.   Make the second comment. 

Another Reason for Marriage Equality

I thought I was finally through with the wedding posts, but then found this in a comment elsewhere. In response to Leahpeah’s post on our wedding and reception, and her beautiful photo, Ozma wrote

I’m truly digging those shirts. Many have spoken out on the fact that gays and lesbians shall ensure that weddings simply become more and more fabulous and if nothing else, we need to agitate ’til the cows come home to make sure this happens in every state.

Lovin’ it, and thank you.

Chuck posted this on Thursday, October 23, 2008 at  9:02 am.   Comments Off on Another Reason for Marriage Equality 

From cameras that use chemically coated plastic film

Spinner was kind enough last night to accompany me to the local camera store. He was a good husband, kept an eye on my plastic, and pulled me back to the car at just the point I started drooling over the shineys.

We did however, accomplish our mission there, which was to pick up some film (yes film) from our reception earlier this month. In addition to the beautiful work of our professional photographer, we also seeded the tables with those little disposable cameras to see what our guests would do.

Needless to say, our guests were a hoot, and we certainly appreciate their contributions to the memories of the day.

Also wanted to thank Leahpeah for a kind post and great photo of the day.

Chuck posted this on Friday, October 17, 2008 at  10:09 am.   Comments Off on From cameras that use chemically coated plastic film 

Still Alive, And Blissfully Exhausted

Five years ago today I was flat on my back with my feet up in stirrups, doped to the gills and getting nuked like a pig on a spit. Now I just look like I’ve been nuked as the weekend sunburn turns into the periodic leprosy commonly know as ‘peeling.’

The reception on Saturday went great. There were a few panic attacks, and the last minute move of about 100 yards (just like at the wedding itself), but those aren’t what I want to remember. Sure, it wasn’t exactly what we planned, but there have been so many plans on the table the last few months I’m not sure what the final plan was anyways, and what we had was beautiful.

What I want to remember are one hundred family and friends gathered together to celebrate an event that would have been legally impossible just a few months ago. Kind, loving, accepting and caring people who traveled distances ranging from hundreds of yards to hundreds of miles to raise their glasses of carbonated fruit juice with us and celebrate our new life together.

I think the smash hit of the day (besides our matching hawaiian shirts) was the dessert, a cake by a brand new chocolatier(?) bakery(?) in San Diego named Millle Feuille (don’t ask me how to pronounce it – I simply can’t). Their Apricot Summer cake was exquisite. For the record, and because a lot of people asked but I didn’t have the answer Saturday, that is:

Coconut-pineapple and carrot sponge cake layered with orange-apricot cream cheese filling topped with a marbled glaze.

But even that doesn’t do it justice, because it neglects the fresh blueberry and gold glitter garnish.

The lunch from Pacific Island Catering also went over very, very well, and Ellis, the owner, went above and beyond in making everything right. Not just great food, but amazing presentation and the possibly the best service I’ve seen in my seven years in San Diego. All along he exuded the experience and confidence that helped us relax and go with the process, and our trust paid off big time when not only did the lunch go off without a hitch, but he was able to make the phone calls necessary to get extra chairs and tables on two hours notice on a Saturday morning when our original plan was overrun by kiddie volleyball players.

The official photos were posted Saturday evening at Island Pix. The recyclable cameras we put on each table for the guests’ later humiliation are still awaiting processing on our coffee table and will be posted eventually. My camera, despite a few fleeting moments of temptation, stayed safely at home.

On a final note, we came home with two carloads of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, wrapping paper and Crate & Barrel boxes (not to mention leftovers) that have made Diego the happiest puppy alive. While I’m sure he’s disappointed he missed the big day, he’s sure enjoying a living room full of consolation stuffing.

Chuck posted this on Monday, October 6, 2008 at  11:56 am.   5 comments have been made. Join them. 

Saturday In The Park

Still not ready to write the words, but our photographer came through in amazing time. So happy with what he was able to do for us and so jealous at how good a photographer he is, all at the same time. Find yourself or enjoy the event vicariously as appropriate.

Chuck posted this on Sunday, October 5, 2008 at  7:31 am.   2 comments have been made. Join them. 

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