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Fever and Phlegm: A Special Thanksgiving Story

Spent the holiday trying to get over some kinduva respiratory thing that kept me from the extended family shindig in Las Vegas.  Nurse Diego and his crack aquatic convalescence staff took made me get up and eat periodically, and the magic of Facetime made it almost like I was there enjoying the tryptofan.

Did have a minor revelatory breakthough re: Facebook though.  I’ve spent too much time on their site lately, and not enough on my own.  I got cut off cold Turkey sometime Thanksgiving morning though, for “security reasons” that they won’t or can’t explain.  My identity needs to be verified, and I guess their verifiers are out stuffing their faces.  The revelation to me though was a cold, hard reminder that I’m not their customer, I’m just the product they sell to advertisers.  As convenient as that site is, I think it’s time for a new look at what content I post there versus what I post on my own domain.

Chuck posted this on Friday, November 29, 2013 at  1:08 pm.   Comments Off on Fever and Phlegm: A Special Thanksgiving Story 

Silver Lining?

I don’t have many good things to say about the stomach flu thingee that wiped out my long weekend, but two days of cold turkey withdrawal from both caffeine and the Crackberry might have left me in a really good place to reexamine some bad habits I’ve developed lately.  The lack of caffeine is actually on day three now, but I had to pull the Crackberry out of the charger to cancel today’s appointment.  Baby steps.

Chuck posted this on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at  2:14 pm.   Comments Off on Silver Lining? 

Balancing Act, But Not The Scales Of Justice

Balance should be about finding the right combination of work and personal life, not the right combination of stimulants, antihistimines, NSAIDs and throat losenges to get me through a BS hearing despite allergies, five days of exposure to a bronchitis carrier, and a messed-up arm.  Mentally I need a swim, but then I’d probably need to get the arm amputated.  At least then the hearing would be cancelled and I could just go to sleep and not worry about finding the right meds to keep me alert and clever but not distracted by pain or coughing up a lung in my case file.  Whatever I do though, I should probably keep notes.  Got another hearing on calendar Monday.

Chuck posted this on Thursday, February 5, 2009 at  12:13 pm.   2 comments have been made. Join them. 

Drip, drip, drip

It all keeps coming back to the sinuses.  While emerging from the food coma Thursday I felt a bit sinusy and did meds to get me through a late client meeting.  Then after walking in the coastal night air and sitting in a Starbucks for an hour going over documents I felt worse so I did more sinus meds.  While my sinuses felt great, my eyeballs and throat dried out, and some of the sinus meds got lost and thumped on the nuked prostate, as cold and sinus meds tend to do.  That wiped out my Friday.  So I was off meds for a while and force-feeding healthy foods to my sinuses.  Now I’m trying that moderation nonsense, but after napping most of the afternoon I suspect I won’t sleep tonight, which will just make me cranky. 

 I’ve got to get them  (and the rest of me) healthy enough to work Monday, survive the Penguin Plunge Tuesday*, and head out on a little surf trip the rest of the week.  Of course a couple days bobbing up and down in the ocean will probably just give me a head cold and get my sinuses all uppity again, but you’ve got to enjoy these things when they come up. 

On a related note, what do the sinuses do for me anyways?  Why can’t I just jettison them like tonsils or sobriety?  (more…)

Chuck posted this on Saturday, December 29, 2007 at  5:46 pm.   Comments Off on Drip, drip, drip 

Just add sausage

Brain is scrambled.  The combination of allergies, allergy meds, too much hold music on the bank’s voicemail, too much staring at the text the computer thought it saw when it scanned a trust form, and a severe lack of chlorine were just too much.  I really do feel like those old ‘this is your brain on drugs’ ads, down to the sizzling noise caused by the Afrin buzz.  Of course, despite all this, plans have been made to escape the four walls tonight.  Sunset water polo, drinkees at a ghetto white-trash rock-n-roll bar and a show of support for a small band I’d never heard of until two days ago.  Hopefully getting out will clear out some of the cobwebs so I can get some work done tomorrow. 

Chuck posted this on Thursday, September 27, 2007 at  1:55 pm.   Comments Off on Just add sausage 

Rumbly Tummy

Stomach’s rumbling, but the instant I get up to deal with it, the phone’s going to ring and the conference call that’s already twenty-six eight minutes late is going to start. 

Chuck posted this on Thursday, April 19, 2007 at  2:58 pm.   Comments Off on Rumbly Tummy 

Coming Down

OK, the drugging went remarkably well.  About six hours after Thursday’s second post I was told I was still as ‘high as a kite.’  Which explains why I hadn’t been able to siesta on Thursday afternoon, how I managed three posts in one day, and probably the photoshopped poolboy pic too.  Still have a bit of a sore throat whenever the Tylenol levels get a tad low, and I’m spending too much time looking at the grey patch in the back of my throat with a mirror, just because I’m disgusting like that, but things are going better.   Made up for the bouncy Thursday by crashing hard Friday, and am keeping the weekend nice and quiet so far. 

Chuck posted this on Saturday, April 14, 2007 at  2:06 pm.   Comments Off on Coming Down 

My Friday

Feeling better, but had a client on the phone tell me I still sounded sick.

Swam for sanity, to try and clear the mind of that bouncy feeling, but really need to do a lot more laps or find another way to unwind.
Tired, but happy to be heading out soon.  Unwinding may take place.

Chuck posted this on Friday, March 24, 2006 at  5:02 pm.   Comments Off on My Friday 

Feeling Down

After getting rained on for the cube people too many times in the last week, I’m pretty sure now that I’m getting sick. Feeling run down and blah, with a little bit of something not right in the throat and ears. I left the office early rationalizing that after some meds and a nap I’d log-in from home (not on the good connection, but over their slow-as-molasses dial-up account) and finish up things needed for tomorrow. Now, after meds and nap and dinner and Pongotime I’m rerationalizing and thinking I’ll go in early tomorrow. Then again, if this crud doesn’t get out of my system, I may not go in at all.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at  8:00 pm.   Make the second comment. 

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