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Writing About Photography Law

Just finished a top to bottom update of my 2006 article on Personal Photography and Personal Websites.  Even though there were shiny new cases and a few longer citations there hasn’t been much new to the civil issues arising from Civil Code § 3344, but I felt it was time to reference the criminal issues arising from sharing naughty pictures after promising not to (Penal Code § 647) after reading a few poorly written summaries in the mainstream media in their New Year’s new law roundup clickbait articles.  And no, naughty pictures is not the term of art, but I’ll leave the quotes of the legislature’s explicit list to the article and the code itself.

Now that the updates are finished, maybe I can get back to actually doing some photography, or even practicing billable law.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at  8:53 am.   Comments Off on Writing About Photography Law 


2007-11-01-A-007vhp_FULLThat pumpkin’s been dead seven years now.  The chair is long gone too, and we left the apartment that was shot at back in 2011.  But sometimes the scariest thing is going back through the archives here and at the photo gallery and seeing 13+ years of posts.  Utterly terrifying.

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Making That List

Just a reminder that Darth Santa is out and about making his annual naughty and not naughty enough list.

Chuck posted this on Sunday, December 1, 2013 at  9:28 am.   Comments Off on Making That List 

Merry Christmas!

Having a great holiday and hope you are too.

Chuck posted this on Monday, December 24, 2012 at  6:57 pm.   Comments Off on Merry Christmas! 

Where We’ve Been

Things haven’t actually been slow, just too busy to post here.  Spending more time playing on Facebook, and spent too much time this month cleaning up a hack attack on my server that completely shut down the photo gallery and messed up a lot of other things.  Law work and holiday preparations and Cal cheering and the supreme purpose of my life, i.e, holding Diego’s leash and gushing over at his ability to sniff and poop have also kept me away from here.

Chuck posted this on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at  9:50 am.   Comments Off on Where We’ve Been 

Weekend Non-Plans

UCSD Water PoloIn years past I’d be all about heading down to UCSD for the Triton Invitational water polo tournament over the long weekend, but this year…meh.  The tournament that in 2006 included fourteen teams and 29 separate games will only host six teams playing a total of ten games this weekend.  None of the other UCs will be there, and with Cal coming down separately next month I’m just not seeing the attraction this year.  The fact that the tournament no longer includes bracket play leading to a spectacular final, but rather a pre-ordained final game between Air Force and La Verne doesn’t help.

Nothing against Air Force.  Nothing at all.

I’d just like a little suspense and drama with my beefcake.

So instead we might head up to Disney, or enjoy the San Clemente Village Farmer’s Market (emphasis on the local artists) on Sunday morning.  Or just paint a bathroom and run some wiring.  Or sit on the coach and watch Red State on VOD.  Or just do nothing at all.




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Spending Locally

Checked out a local photo place earlier this week. I’ve been looking for someone who can print in larger formats than my equipment can handle, and they came highly recommended. The guy I spoke with knew his stuff and made a great first impression, not just with his knowledge of the options and issues available, but also with the following notation on his price chart:

We never print on glossy because it’s evil!

Good to see a local business that respects standards. Just uploaded two images for printing; I’ll drop by next week and see if my initial reaction was justified.

Chuck posted this on Friday, July 16, 2010 at  3:55 pm.   Comments Off on Spending Locally 

In Good Company

I knew the photography exhibition at the San Diego County Fair was big, but had no idea it was this big.  4000 submitted photographs?  982 different photographers?  Wow.

Received an e-mail this morning providing the list of accepted entries: this photo from a February 2009 rugby match made it, this photo of Diego at last June’s vacation doesn’t seem to have made the cut.  Awards won’t be announced until June 11.

Chuck posted this on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at  8:59 am.   Make the second comment. 

Exhibitionist Exhibitor Exhibiting in Exhibition

Randy and I took my Exhibition of Photography entries over to the Fair Grounds this evening.  I am now officially an Exhibitor for the 2010 San Diego County Fair.  It only took a few years of talking about it to actually get around to mounting up some prints and actually entering some shots.   Technically I guess I won’t know if my photos will actually be seen by anyone for a few weeks, but I still got Exhibitor passes and invitations to the Artists Reception when I dropped off the photos, so I’m an Exhibitor, even if I might end up being an unseen Exhibitor.

Yeah, it terrifies me that next month I could be at the Fair listening to other people discuss my work.  They’re good shots, but for nine years here I’ve been able to be a little bit of an Exhibitionist while not actually meeting very many of you.  People who don’t like what I do don’t tend to hang around, with the result being that the sites can serve as a bit of an ego boost with the occasional criticism easy to dismiss, if not outright delete.

On a mostly unrelated note, Diego was with us and got to go out on the Del Mar Racetrack due to the lack of adult supervision at the drop off site.  He looked every bit the thoroughbred out there, even if the chances of him being retired to stud range from slim to none.  Just thinking though, that maybe if we saddle him up with one of the bobbleheads and sneak them back out there we’ll have our photo entry for next year.

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Why National Geographic Still Rocks

All kinds of things  running through my mind as I watch this.  Musings on how much of photography is being in the right place and the right time.  Recollections of kayaking out and snorkeling with the seals and sea lions and otters in Monterey Bay. Amazement at the shots Paul Nicklen got on this adventure.  And a bit of reconsideration about what was going on in Pongo’s mind when he’d bring me live geckos when we still lived in Togo.  Did he really think I was “useless” when I didn’t know what to do with his gift?

[via Towleroad]

Chuck posted this on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at  5:36 pm.   Comments Off on Why National Geographic Still Rocks 

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