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Busy Summer

Comic-Con has come and gone.  I didn’t shoot much with the Canon, but took some GoPro video that I will hopefully have a chance to go through and edit into something pretty in the near future.

I’d like to say I’ll be able to slow down and catch up once Randy goes back to school next month, but business is being good to me at the moment, and I need to bill the hours before they see me and run away like startled deer.

At least I’ve been swimming more regularly, and the weather’s been perfect for tanning when one of the joints is saying no to swimming, so at least it looks like I’ve been having a fun summer.

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Too much of a good thing is kind of a Southern California summer tradition.  Unfortunately this summer choices will have to be made: someone scheduled the San Clemente Ocean Festival on Comic-Con weekend.  Maybe I can find an Aquaman on Thursday or Friday who would like to watch the dory  races with me on Saturday morning.

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Dressing Up

Akbar and Jeff do the Con
After many years of Comic-Con, we finally went in costume.  We weren’t insane about it.  Even in San Diego, head to toe neoprene is just way too much for me.  And while it might hurt to admit it, I just don’t have the abs of a Spartan warrior/Roman gladiator.  But it certainly brought the experience to a new level: it was a conversation starter and a point of reference.  We were asked to pose for photos and brought smiles to a lot of over-30 faces as they remembered their first Akbar and Jeff moments and we had some nice chats with the folks at the Bongo Comics booth.  Randy even got to meet the Creator, Matt Groening, himself.  While I think returning as Akbar and Jeff next year would get stale, I think we both agree we need to keep going in costume when we return to Comic-Con – the experience is not just different, but seriously better.

Chuck posted this on Monday, July 25, 2011 at  7:15 am.   Make the second comment. 

On Inertia

At a Comic-Con panel this morning I had the pleasure of hearing Deepak Chopra, Grant Morrison and Deepak’s son Gotham Chopra discuss the concepts of superheroes.  As part of Deepak’s introduction to the panel’s discussion he listed a variety of synonyms for the concept that good and evil are necessary adversaries: angels and fallen angels, particles and anti-particles, and finally change and inertia.  Every time during the day that I caught another news update about the budget show in Washington I kept flashing back to that line, and while I believe Deepak’s logic is correct, am having a lot of trouble seeing anything coming out of Washington, or government in general, to play ‘change’ and take the side of good in the current story.

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Recovery Day

No one seems to be getting back to me on anything today, which makes for a nice recovery day.  We made the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 last night, which was a very good movie, but it kept me up until 3ish, and then Diego alerted us to a ninja intruder at around 6ish.  Siesta will necessarily be longer than usual.

Pride is this weekend, and so is the San Clemente Ocean Festival, and then Comic-Con starts on Thursday.  So much for July productivity.


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Five More Years!

Taking a break from dealing with the real world for a bit.  Time to focus on the wild and fantastic sides of life, and celebrate the announcement the ComicCon will be in San Diego for at least five more years.  Time to par-teh like a stormtrooper!

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Doing The Happy Dance

Maybe I’ve been neglectful of y’all, truth be told I’ve been having a great time and was just a tad busy to drop back by.  I tried to do a ComicCon post, but I think I’ll let the photos and their captions tell the story for me.  We had a great time and the photos prove it.

Since then there’s been lots of work.   And a new living room set, with photos forthcoming once the lamps arrive and the new print gets back from the framer.  And Randy starts school again next week, which has left me crashing on the website his kids use for homework and collaborative projects (their very own little child-safe wiki), bringing it up to spec from last year’s feedback and expanding into a few new areas.

Then today a very nice federal judge all the way up in San Francisco said some very nice things.  Lots of them actually, written down on 138 pages.  Hopefully that will lead to us being able to attend more fabulous gay weddings at some point in the future.  Everyone should have the right to be a Party B.

So yes, even though Randy’s up at UCLA for the week, Diego and I are doing the happy dance tonight.  We’re having a good life.

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And So It Begins…

At least from our vantage point, the Comic-Con organizers seem to have finally figured out a registration process that makes sense.  We went to the off-site location, showed our IDs and e-mail registrations, and were politely handed our badges.  Twenty-one minutes from parking to putting on the lanyards.

Photos from this year will be going up in this album.  I’ve thrown together a dynamic album of all my Comic-Con shots here for those interested in past years as well.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at  4:20 pm.   Make the second comment. 

Comic-Con countdown

John Barrowman poses for photo with our very own RandySaw in the server stats this morning that this photo of Randy and the wonderful John Barrowman is now the ninth most viewed photo in the local gallery here at Howling Point. Out of 1367 posted photos, this is the first non-sports photo to crack the Top 10.

Randy met the actor who played Captain Jack Harkness (not to mention “Lead Tenor” in The Producers) at the 2009 Comic-Con.  I stood several feet away with the camera and tried not to be too jealous.  Hopefully they can rekindle their relationship at Comic-Con this year, which by the way starts in only 27 short days.

Chuck posted this on Friday, June 25, 2010 at  2:02 pm.   Comments Off 


Great effects.   Loved the 3-D.  Thought the hookah-smoking blue caterpillar needed a movie of his own.  But that’s about where my love for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland ends.

We caught the 3-D non-IMAX version of the movie at a sold-out showing in Del Mar last night.  The horde of entitled and self-absorbed high schoolers texting and walking in and out of the showing just reinforced my reaction to the movie: there was little to hold the attention for more than a quick jolt of eye candy.

Maybe my expectations were too high.  Whatever the reason, it just didn’t work for me.  Some great lines and fascinating visual takes on the individual characters just never found their way into a coherent story worthy of the hype and the assemblage of proven talent.

On the plus side, I did get to see the trailer for the upcoming Tron Legacy.  I’m feeling very good about that one.  I suspect that while the kiddies will be wearing Mad Hatter costumes at ComicCon this summer, the vendors will be pushing Tron for all they can make.

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