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No, I don’t have a cell phone

According to the BBDO survey, 15 percent of Americans have interrupted sex to answer a cell phone call.

I’ve tolerated a woman in the BorgHealth waiting room talking about her yeast infection, several retail clerks who couldn’t stop their personal business long enough to scan an item, and countless drivers who were so distracted while driving and chatting they should be dead in their over-priced wrecks, but never, never, has someone been that rude to me. And they certainly wouldn’t get the opportunity to be that rude to me twice.


Chuck posted this on Monday, February 27, 2006 at  7:15 am.   4 comments have been made. Join them. 

Wanting to feel good

So, why can’t BorgHealth just lie to me and give me a big, fat placebo instead of running tests and trying to actually diagnose diseases and stuff? Haven’t they learned by now I just want to feel good? No news remains good news, and time out of the cube is good time, even if the time is spent at the BorgHealth waiting room.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at  5:05 pm.   Comments Off on Wanting to feel good 

Some kinda rhetorical questions

Why does BorgHealth only send their random post-visit surveys on my good doctors?

Why are the fun people leaving San Diego?

Why will the weather suck when I finally get the time off to leave town for the weekend?

Now to spend the evening pondering Pongo’s navel and the subtle brilliance of getting someone to care for all your needs just by being fuzzy.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, February 9, 2005 at  6:44 pm.   3 comments have been made. Join them. 

Hot and Muggy and Moody

Very hot and very muggy. Combined with the attention span of a gnat (or a Pongo for that matter) not much has been getting done. Finishing up some billable hours today for a client then going out to hide for a few days. I’ve got a lot of things to think about and there are too many distractions here at casa for me to focus on anything. DSL, cable, books, darts. It’s barely noon and I’ve already skated down to the pool twice, once for laps and once just to chill. Might have done more laps if the screaming kinds would have been polite enough to drown some parents around here would control their children. So tomorrow, Pongo and I are going to roadtrip a bit.

Met with a new doctor at BorgHealth on Friday who was actually good enough that I’m rethinking the pseudonym I’ve chosen for his employer. He certainly had undronelike tendancies. Honest and direct answers do help.

Spent most of the weekend with a good friend catching some movies and avoiding downtown traffic jams. Thumbs up for both League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Mommie Dearest.

Chuck posted this on Monday, July 28, 2003 at  12:36 pm.   Make the second comment. 

Consistency or If You Must Lie, Lie Well

I’ve heard of BorgHealth’s reputation for years. I was very happy with them when I lived in the DC metro area. Of course I was 25 years old and healthy then, but still, I was satisfied. I know others who have been far less satisfied with them and took that into account when I chose BorgHealth over their competitors. I wasn’t expecting gold-standard service – tupperware generally works just fine in most areas of my life and doesn’t require as much polishing.

But after nine years of law enforcement and diplomacy and four years as an attorney, I still get incredibly frustrated (and today this is on top of all the other anxieties going through my mind) when stupid people tell stupid lies even though the truth wouldn’t hurt them in the first place. The truth might be embarrassing, but at least it should be easier to remember. If BorgHealth’s legal department won’t let the drones tell the truth, then at least someone there should incorporate a ‘consistent line’ feature into the drones’ automated phone answering software package to allow them to pass the approved version on from drone to drone.

In the present case, this modest software package might have allowed the nurse Prostate Cancer Coordinator (impressive, isn’t it?) to maintain consistency on behalf of BorgHealth. The nurse on Thursday, trying to explain why Dr. Numbnuts hadn’t returned Wednesday’s call, could pick an option from the menu. The software would probably prevent her from saying what she did say (He was only in half a day) and make her select something more professional sounding (i.e., There was no cell coverage between the 11th and 15th greens or I think he’s still on the Lido deck; let me page him.). The Prostate Cancer Coordinator could then see this notation on the screen before she typed a response to my Friday e-mail that included this blunt assessment of where I stand: “The only return phone calls this week have been emergent/urgent [sic] type calls as Dr [Numbnuts] has been extremely busy.”

I have to give her credit though: she did respond to my e-mail, even if she only addressed about half my questions. That’s a far sight better than the doctor she’s covering for.

And while we’re here, rambling about quality of care. if you’re in California the State Medical Board has a great setup for allowing patients to research the public information available on licensed physicians. Go there before you choose a doctor, not just when you’re fed up with the one you’ve got.

Chuck posted this on Saturday, July 19, 2003 at  7:49 am.   2 comments have been made. Join them. 


Today is all about attempted balancing…
…my desire to calm down with my need for caffeine (compromised with a 50-50 mix of iced coffee to get me through the morning).
…my work need to make phone calls with my delusion that I should keep the line free because BorgHealth may decide to return any of my recent calls (still self-deluding).
…my desire to escape the four walls and unwind with my need to do billable hours and talk to BorgHealth (I’m sitting here blogging, aren’t I?).
…my checkbook (yeah, right, not this month).
…my envy of Pongo with my use of opposable thumbs (wearing more than a little collar despite the heat, not licking myself, but I can get my own snacks).
…____________________ with ______________________ (comments are open).

Chuck posted this on Thursday, July 17, 2003 at  10:55 am.   Comments Off on Balance 

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