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Heading out of town in a little bit for some work in Northern California, and maybe some photography on the way back down.  Hopefully the next post here will be able to detail some big news about where we’ll be living next.  Until then I’ll just let you all wonder.  While I’m at it though, I’m wondering why I don’t have a roadtrip banner.  Lots of other banners, morning swim banners, holiday banners, but no roadtrip banners.  Must rectify that before the next roadtrip.

Chuck posted this on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at  7:46 am.   Comments Off on Roadtripping 

Do-nothing Saturday

Having spent the day doing website maintenance (WordPress 2.6.3 and some new plugins), and getting in a bit of tanline maintenance (90 degrees poolside) why don’t I feel like I’ve done anything today? Don’t want to hear anything about the Christmas banners being back in the rotation either. It’s not too early.

Chuck posted this on Saturday, November 15, 2008 at  8:35 pm.   Comments Off on Do-nothing Saturday 

Celebrating With Visual Fluff

I’ve pretty much considered the banners here irrelevant fluff.  Random captures of things that I thought looked cool or captured my mood.  They are certainly not part of some over-arching plan to instill my social biases and predilections into the site, thereby brainwashing readers like you.  They’re just something to keep the page looking fresh. But they are mine, and no one tells me what can or can’t be used here.

So imagine me spewing my morning coffee out through my nose as I read that some wingnuts are upset with Google’s special holiday logos.  Their graphics don’t connote the correct social messages. There’s even a protest site – Google ranking: 5/10.

“I have no problem with Google commemorating obscure holidays or some of the trivial anniversaries that they note,” the site’s owner, who declined to give his name [and will go unlinked here], said via e-mail, “just so long as they also make special logos for the more significant holidays.”

Of course he means the holidays significant to him, because significance is always relative.  The article doesn’t say whether any of the critics own Google stock, which might give them some interest in how the company is run.  They seem to be treating Google as a public accomodation, which despite its ubiquitousnous, it is not (at least yet).

I certainly don’t agree with everything Google does, but if you don’t like someone’s site, the solution is to not visit their site.  Use a search engine that delivers your results with philosophically correct design elements.  Don’t be all silly and try to redesign their logo so it aligns with your priorities, or be prepared to cheer for corporate democracy when a billion chinese customers demand and get a special logo for Chairman Mao’s birthday. 

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There is no great plan to this site.  Go consistent theme.  Sometimes it’s just more fun to sit down and work on the banners or tinker with the code.  Spent too much time on words elsewhere today; tonight is about the pretty colors.

Chuck posted this on Monday, October 8, 2007 at  7:56 pm.   Comments Off on Blue 

Focus Is Good?

I started a little project last week to redo the code that controls the rotating banners at the top of this page. I was going to tweak the php a bit, and the goal was to make it simpler (and hopefully faster) while at the same time give me a few more options for special days.

You might not have noticed, but the over-the-top-flag-waving patriotic banners show up on federal holidays, and only the violet banners were used on my Mom’s birthday. There are a few other themes and such in there, but if I pointed them out now there would be no reason for you to come back, right? There will be halloween banners, despite how much the old graveyard banner bothers Micky.

Getting back to the point, it was supposed to be a simple php tweak. Only it isn’t. But the OCD in me won’t let it go, so I’ve spent more time in the last week on some backend code for picking semi-randomized graphics than I have on actually making posts with content.

I’m learning more about php, and if it works here I’ll be able to do something I’ve been wanting to do on one of the work sites, but it still drives me nuts. Walking the caffeinated line right now: enough to stay focussed without bouncing off the walls. Maybe I’ll have my Eureka moment today. Or maybe never.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at  7:36 am.   3 comments have been made. Join them. 

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