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The Negatives

Haven’t been swimming much, either at the pool or down at the Cove.  Haven’t been out of town, for business or otherwise.  The depth of the dust on the lenses of the various camera could probably determine how long it’s been since I’ve had them out.  Couldn’t even get up the motivation to go cheer for Cal at Crew Classic.  Gotta get Diego to go hunt me down some motivation and bring it back here.

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Bring Back Winter

March started out well enough, with a great 50th birthday celebration and a business trip to Sacramento that had me doing more law in one week than I normally do in a month.  Winter went out beautifully.

Then spring hit.  Drizzles are stalling my patio project.  Business of Law headaches.

Hate to say it but I miss winter.

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Way Too Early, Again

It would’ve been the start to a great day if only Randy’s plane had actually flown to its destination instead of doing an emergency return to San Diego.  Despite the drama though I did capture a decent sunrise with the GoPro up at Dana Point, and Delta did return Randy to me safe and sound.  All’s well that ends well.

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Three Years!

Celebrating three years of paint, plumbing, electrical, dry walling and having a wonderful life in the first home I ever owned.  The first home where I didn’t have to worry if Uncle or some random landlord would whine if I painted or fixed their lousy fixtures.

In one sense I can’t believe three years have flown by since our realtor gave us the keys to Casa, and in the other sense I look at the unfinished project list and wonder how so many things still remain to be done after three years at Casa.

Chuck posted this on Monday, February 10, 2014 at  8:44 am.   Make the second comment. 

Sunrise, again

I haven’t done one of these time-lapse sunrises since last June, and since I was up way too early this morning I thought I’d try one from Harbor Island down in San Diego Bay.  It wasn’t terribly spectacular, but I’m still happy with the results.

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Stupid Thieves With No Taste

There’s nothing like taking time out of a busy Monday to deal with some loser in Florida using a counterfeit credit card with my account number on it.  Florida in winter I can accept – at least my card can go even if I can’t.  Wal*mart on the other hand… <shake head in disgust> the loser ran my card at a Wal*mart </shake head in disgust>.  That alone should have been enough of a fraud indicator for my bank’s Megatron Fraud Detecting Computer and warrants a vigorous defamation suit in addition to the criminal charges.

Then again, I seem to have a certain knack for attracting stupid thieves: see the archives at June 2006 and May 2001.


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Just in case you missed the new little badge thingee in the left column, I’m now posting some photos on Instagram. They should all be visible here in that left column, but feel free to go there or follow me there directly.  Not sure where the line is between my hosted gallery here and this new toy, but I’m sure things will shake out eventually.

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Happy 2014

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at  9:47 pm.   No comments yet. Be the first. 

Bubble Redux?

A local realtor is holding an open house for a condo one building over from ours with the same floor plan and placement as our unit.  Hoping he had baked goods (he didn’t) we decided to step inside and see what the comps were doing.  Ignoring the differences in personal style (scary wallpaper but nice tile, etc.), the unit’s upkeep and fixtures were comparable to ours.  No marble floors, and the faucets didn’t appear to be brushed platinum.  The shocker then was the asking price: 177% of what we paid for our unit less than three years ago.  I know we got lucky with timing the bottom of the Great Recession, but it’s really hard to continue to see the local increase in real estate prices as a correction and not an over-reaction.

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Lifeguards and Donuts

Christmas may be dominating the news, the mail, the calendar, the living room, and, well, everything, but as a Public Service Announcement I’d like to remind you that we’re now only thirteen days away from the 28th annual Penguin Plunge at Del Mar.

Mmmm…donuts.  Mmmm…lifeguards.

We’re planning to make this year our eighth start for a new year with a “refreshed mind and a slightly numb body,” to quote the stylish certificate that comes with the donuts and coffee.

Photos from previous years are posted under the tag ‘Penguin Plunge‘, and a video we made from the 2013 event is hosted at YouTube.

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