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Sometimes Life Just Sucks

While the silver lining of the biopsy (two weeks ago today) was the stunning image of Chuck’s insides, the darkness of the cloud inside has now been identified. Chuckie has prostate cancer.

It appears it was caught very early. I’m studying my options and preparing to discuss available treatments with my doctor next week. Specifically I’m very excited about the possibility of radiation therapy turning certain body parts glow-in-the-dark.

Just as I’ve fought for more than two years to keep this from becoming a blawg, the same commitment will apply to my efforts to keep this from becoming a medically depressing blog (mdBlog). On the upside, expect more body part pictures as only a blogwhore can deliver.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at  4:02 pm.   5 comments have been made. Join them. 

5 Responses to “Sometimes Life Just Sucks”

  1. TPB, Esq. says:

    For reasons I can’t explain, your mention of prostate cancer (or your ass, one of the two) triggered my firm’s censoring software. Sigh…

    Well, regardless, take care of yourself Chuck. All the best,


  2. Chuck says:

    Don’t rule out the possibility that it was the “watersports” reference when I was discussing pornography filters last Sunday. Either way it reinforces my opinion on letting a ‘bot do things that require common sense and judgment. My apologies if I offended your server’s delicate sensibilities and thanks for the comments and link.

  3. I wish you not only the best of luck, but also the absence of bad luck. Take care.

  4. Joe says:

    Holy shit Chuck! This is terrible news!

    But chin up, positive attitude, be cool!

    Kick it’s ass!

  5. Naladahc says:

    Here’s hoping all goes well!

    My father’s recent diagnosis and surgery has definitely scared me a bit knowing that my on-going prostatitis could now become something else.

    It was easier for me to deal with when I didn’t have anyone in my family with problems.

    Here’s hoping for the best!!!

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