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Problem: An abundance of halloween chocolate and an aging stash of marshmallows were exerting telepathic influence via my sweet tooth, but no graham crackers were to be found within the confines of Casa.

Possible Solution: We have tortillas (and bagels, foreshadowing a possible sequel).

So what does hungry but pathetic blogger attempt?  Smoritos!  or maybe Smoradillas! depending on trademark research.

Results: The chocolate melted much faster than the marshmallows, leading to uneven distribution of sweetness.  Bites including everything were good, but some bites with disproportionate tortilla were salty.  Maybe if I nuked the marshmallows first to pre-melt the cores…

Chuck posted this on Thursday, November 8, 2007 at  9:06 pm.   4 comments have been made. Join them. 

4 Responses to “Smoritos!”

  1. Joe says:

    Not pathetic as an attempt at all.

    I think for this experiement I would combine your ingredients like this:

    * melt marshmallows in a bowl in a microwave
    * melt chocolate till soft in microwave, but not liquid
    * heat tortillas directly on flame enough to change the texture, careful not to burn them!

    dollop marshmallow into tortillas, put in a cube or three of chocolate, then wrap like a burrito, wrap in a paper towel and let the combination melt more — then taste.

    For smores, I fear you’re always going to miss the graham cracker flavor in this. But chocolate and marshmallow are pretty awesome in a tortilla.

    Perhaps you doubt my recipe? It may not be perfect, but I am no newbie in the tortilla arts. Tortillas are an excellent delivery platform for many snacks. A selection of my own tortilla experiments includes:
    tortilla+melted butter+sugar+cinnamon
    tortilla+peanut butter+banana
    tortilla+peanut butter+jelly

    in the non-sweet category there are even more
    tortilla+hot dog
    tortilla+leftover turkey+season to taste
    tortilla+chicken salad
    tortilla+tuna salad
    tortilla+goat cheese+olives

    Quesadillas and tacos obviously are included in this category. But I hate to have the tortilla ghettoized as a “Mexican food.” Neither to I want it to lose its cultural identity, of course – after all, Bunuelos are probably the best sweet thing one can do with tortillas. Lightly fried, covered in sugar and cinnamon — super tasty.

    Perhaps I will start a website devoted to the many uses of tortillas.

  2. Jenn says:

    LOVE the smoritos idea. Perhaps in lieu of marshmellows you try marshmelow cream. OR mini marshmellows are tiny and may melt more quickly.

    maybe some graham cracker CRUMBS for taste.
    Not sure how you can replicate the beach bonfire taste, however… :-)

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