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Broken Evidence, But Guilty Anyways

The first forensic test results were thrown out for reliability reasons.  The mishandling of the second test was unreliable enough that the arbitrators warned the lab that continued errors would result in dismissed claims, but the two of the three arbitrators thought these results were valid enough to destroy this one career.  On that basis the accused was found guilty, but even if he hadn’t been he still would have been down the two million dollars he spent on his defense.  There are still appeals to be had, but what a crock

As I read the reporting (and I haven’t seen the ruling yet – not sure if it will even be public), sloppy practices can be allowed to ruin a few careers, but if it goes on long enough that it really stinks, and might make the process look tainted, then the arbitrators might take some action to protect their own reputations. 

I hope Floyd Landis does appeal and leaves them staring at the backside of his yellow jersey, and that maybe someone will see finally a reason to fix this ridiculous system.

Chuck posted this on Thursday, September 20, 2007 at  11:23 am.   2 comments have been made. Join them. 

2 Responses to “Broken Evidence, But Guilty Anyways”

  1. is no penalty in this case for perjury, he feels this is a victory for clean athletes. Environmental Chemistry says it is a very dark day for science, fairness, and due process, and invites qualified scientists to explore the ruling at his site.Howling Pointsays “Broken evidence, but guilty anyway.” Spare Cycles says, “Landis loses, questionable precedent”. Racejunkie goes ballistic, East Coast Bias doesn’t trust the anti-doping agencies, and thinks we’ll never know about Floyd.

  2. evil spock says:

    Witch hunt, plain and simple.

    I still think they should just regulate steroid use. Everyone seems to be juicing one time or another, and with a physician watching closely, its safe enough.

    Might as well level the playing field since there will always be cheaters.

  3. C-Fiddy says:

    Pdfs of the decision and the dissent are available here:
    (Click on the 2007 button)

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