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Jury Duty Flashback

When I had jury duty at the end of 2009, my post here didn’t mention much about the prosecutor.  He presented a competent case, but the drama was all in the  defendant.  There were a couple of time where the DA lost his cool, but given the tenor of the trial it was understandable even if it was a bit over the top.  Parts of it where also what I remember as junior DA theatrics, or maybe the legal equivalent of spiking the ball after a good play, but again, let’s remember he was playing against a mentally ill self-represented defendant.  It came across like an NFL player spiking the ball after a good play against a Pop Warner team: poor sportsmanship, but nothing more.

The name struck a bell when I saw this article today though highlighting the prosecuting attorney’s conduct in another prosecution: Irrelevant and potentially inflammatory questioning and a pattern of misconduct that rendered the trial fundamentally unfair, at least according the the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Unfortunately I’m not surprised at all.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at  4:47 pm.   Comments Off on Jury Duty Flashback 

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