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Musings on Idle Hands, Pink Speedos and Small Minds

Pretty unproductive this afternoon due to a cable outage wiping out the landline, broadband internet and the cable TV.  DVDs and the Blackberry kept me from curling up into a fetal position, but not much work got done.  Not that much would have with no courts, law library, post office or banks open, but I like to think I would have tried.  I was tempted to just go swimming and blow off all the pretenses of work, but I respected the scheduled off day from the gym, and hope my arm respects the decision and continues to heal.

You know what they say about idle hands though, so while following a twitter conversation ably engaged by The 17th Man and others, I was introduced to the Screaming Viking blog, a swim blog with two great recent posts touching on one of my pet peeve issues here.  The internets are abound with the stories of people who don’t swim and don’t get speedos (little-s, the small suits, not big-S, the brand).  One of the all-time most visited posts here (after the image of my prostate), was a post three years ago about some local high school water polo players suspended for wearing their team uniforms (speedos) to a school pride event.  SV’s posts were both more positive: local swimmers donning pink suits to show their support for breast cancer awareness, and a problem favorably resolved with some race officials thinking the swimmers were wearing two suits and being too modest.  They were both great posts, and especially with the post on the pink suits, it was nice to see that a swim team could show some support for breast cancer awareness and wear the suits of their choice without getting a bunch of suburban prudes’ panties in a bunch.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at  4:14 pm.   Make the second comment. 

One Response to “Musings on Idle Hands, Pink Speedos and Small Minds”

  1. Nice post…. found the screaming viking blog the same way…

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