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Balancing Act, But Not The Scales Of Justice

Balance should be about finding the right combination of work and personal life, not the right combination of stimulants, antihistimines, NSAIDs and throat losenges to get me through a BS hearing despite allergies, five days of exposure to a bronchitis carrier, and a messed-up arm.  Mentally I need a swim, but then I’d probably need to get the arm amputated.  At least then the hearing would be cancelled and I could just go to sleep and not worry about finding the right meds to keep me alert and clever but not distracted by pain or coughing up a lung in my case file.  Whatever I do though, I should probably keep notes.  Got another hearing on calendar Monday.

Chuck posted this on Thursday, February 5, 2009 at  12:13 pm.   2 comments have been made. Join them. 

2 Responses to “Balancing Act, But Not The Scales Of Justice”

  1. Darren says:

    Have you tried pancakes?

  2. Chuck says:

    Not yet. Maybe with blueberries for the antioxidants.

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