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Must Unplug

ABC, still trying to deal with angry former Clinton administration officials about their Sept. 11 miniseries, was also faced Friday with a request from President Bush to interrupt the film for a speech.

The president has asked broadcast networks to clear time for an address to the nation Monday at 9:01 p.m., or at the start of the last hour of “The Path to 9/11” on the East Coast.

Shrub wants to go on TV and remind us he’s been president for the last five years? Unless he’s finally prepared to spike Osama’s head on the White House fence, maybe a day of quiet reflection is warranted. He could think about his promises to bring the perpetrators to justice, and what his tortured readings of the constitution have done to the criminal justice system. Maybe he’d prefer to day dream about how someday we’ll punish the country that sent most of the hijackers to our shores, or the one last reported to be harboring the al Qaida leader [Whoops. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are our allies. I keep forgetting.]

Maybe he can go online to check on the building design de jour of Freedom Tower or look around for new things to name Freedom _________ while he munches on his Freedom Fries, probably covered in ‘Merican cheese and non-Heinz catsup. But does he really have to use 9/11 to intrude into living rooms across ‘Merica for another tortured butchering of the English language? Not that he likes torture, mind you.

Between the mini-series or docudrama or whatever it is, and the President’s whatever it is, I think the TV might be best left off this upcoming Monday.

Chuck posted this on Friday, September 8, 2006 at  7:30 pm.   3 comments have been made. Join them. 

3 Responses to “Must Unplug”

  1. Nala says:

    To use a non-Heinze ketchup is to admit the terrorists have won.

    Don’t you know that all Muslim Arab Terrorists love Hunts or Del Monte Catsup?

  2. Chuck says:

    If I use Heinz catsup, then I’m financing the un-Merican activities of Mrs. Kerrey. If I use the non-Heinz catsup, terrorists have won. I suppose that pomme frits sauce they serve in Europe is out of the question. Any suggestions on how one can make grease-laden potatoes palatable and still be a good ‘Merican?

    Personally I’ll stick to the deep fried zucchini at Carls Jr (a western phenomenon) with ranch dressing, but I’m sure someone east of the Colorado is in need of a politically palatable condiment.

  3. Randy says:

    “…..ketchup…..ketchup….” (sung in a male folk artist voice) Brought to you by the National Ketchup Board. It’s a vegetable too!

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