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Look And See For Yourself

Despite many theories to the contrary over the years, Howling Point is proud to present proof of the following:

– There is no stick up Chuck’s ass.
– There are no bugs up Chuck’s ass.
– Chuck’s head is not up…well you get the idea.

Introductions may be in order.  Universe, meet Chuck's Prostate.  C.P., meet the world.

See. The interior portions of Chuck’s behind are nice and pretty and no foreign objects whatsoever currently reside there. For reference, the light area to the bottom of the image is my prostate, and the dark spot above it is Peet’s Garuda Blend resting comfortably in my bladder. As of this morning, there is even less fleshy material. Shortly after the ultrasound was taken ten snips of my flesh were skillfully and artfully biopsied in the interests of my long life and continued health (results due next week).

For some of you, I’ve probably already crossed that too much information line. For the rest of you, read on.

Yes, I am now sore. The two shots of Novocaine into my rectum are wearing off and the warning that I might feel some “discomfort” is now becoming all too true.

So why the test? A couple of months ago I started new health insurance coverage and received a physical examination. While there I discussed my health with my medical professional. I mentioned a perception that a certain body part was not working as well at age 39 as I remembered it working at 19 and 29. Its performance was not coming up to expectations. It was not working as hard as I remembered it working in the past. While absolutely, unequivocally denying any failures whatsoever on the part of that certain organ, performance was perceived as not being as impressive as it had once been.

Because I discussed this medical problem with my medical professional, rather than just seeking a 25-, 50- or 100 mg solution widely available through quacks on the internet or over-the-counter in Tijuana, my medical professional ran tests to determine if this perceived softening of the performance was a symptom of an underlying problem.

The attitude of some people, especially the spammers who offer me this particular drug 5x daily, is like that of certain people who take a painkiller when a tooth hurts; yeah it makes the pain go away for a while, but the tooth just keeps rotting and never gets the attention it deserves until it falls out in someone’s mashed potatoes. The better approach is to cure the tooth and not need the painkillers. In dealing with my perceived problem (again, emphasis on no admission of any actual problem), I had a good doctor who chose to look for the cause and not just mask the problem.

The blood tests showed an elevated amount of PSA, which is an antigen produced by the prostate. The presence of an elevated amount of PSA can be indicative of prostate cancer, among other possibilities. I HAVE NOT BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER. [Ed. I know some people only skim these posts then attempt to make intelligent comments on them. That’s why I put that in big letters. Sorry if I offended the rest of you.] I’ll know more when the biopsy comes back next week.

Until then, thanks for the kind thoughts and support that were already being expressed even before I got the post up. I just wish this could have come up during Blogwhore last winter. All the contestants ended up showing skin, but how many could have have kept up when I posted the interior shots? I coulda been a contendah

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, June 25, 2003 at  1:40 pm.   3 comments have been made. Join them. 

3 Responses to “Look And See For Yourself”

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