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2007-11-01-A-007vhp_FULLThat pumpkin’s been dead seven years now.  The chair is long gone too, and we left the apartment that was shot at back in 2011.  But sometimes the scariest thing is going back through the archives here and at the photo gallery and seeing 13+ years of posts.  Utterly terrifying.

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Full marriage equality, now in many more places.  Oh, how I would’ve loved being a fly on the wall while that outcome was being reached.

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Why do we do things?

Just sharing a cute little look at human motivation I stumbled on this afternoon.

FOL’AMOR from GOBELINS pro on Vimeo.

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2014-08-27-9319-oceansidethumbEscaped the office and the tyranny of the puppies long enough to photograph some of the swells hitting the SoCal coast today courtesy of Hurricane Marie.  There were two TV news crews at the Oceanside Pier, more photographers than surfers, and most of the surfers who tried never completed paddling out.  It’s living up to its hype out there, and sure was fun to watch.

Chuck posted this on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at  11:43 am.   Make the second comment. 

Swimming with Snackies

Had the pleasure of seeing the anchovy swarm out at La Jolla Cove yesterday, and cut this from some of the GoPro footage I got.  Enjoy.

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Lap Swimming and Multi-tasking

My reasons for swimming are many, but high on the list is the tranquility and solitude – it’s a time when everything else can be blocked out for a bit.

Had a really good swim this morning at my newish pool of choice (since May), and while taking a rest between sets noticed a small group arriving.  Two grabbed lanes and the third went to the shady chairs.  No big deal.  After more laps I got out and he was still there, staring intently at his smart phone.  As I toweled off he started getting agitated, then burst out in a scream of ‘GO TO THE NET.’  I guess Wimbledon was this morning.  I don’t know if it was the end of the match or just that viewer’s final straw but after the outburst the tennis fan put down his phone and joined  his friends in the pool.

Smart phones are bad enough, but waiting for the inevitable day Google Glass begets Google Goggles.  I dread the concept overall, but it sure would’ve been hysterical to see him have his little meltdown halfway down a lane.

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IMG_2787June’s always our busiest month.  Last day of school.  Randy’s __th birthday.  Our sixth wedding anniversary.  Now we’re adding a new one: June 19th, hereafter known as Onofre Adoption Day. The Blur of Fur II was adopted from Animal Rescue Kompany, and is a five-month-old Bichon.   He and Diego bonded on a play date at Onofre’s foster family’s house, then moved in a few days later.  Excessive photography to follow.

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Happy Birthday Dad!

My Mom bought my Dad tickets for the Safari Caravan at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park for his birthday this year, and I got to tag along. Posting a couple of pictures here, head over to the gallery section to view more.

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Yes, We’re Safe

This text was originally posted on Facebook much earlier this morning:

Good morning everyone. Up at 3:30 doing what all old men do at 3:30 in the morning, but today I stepped outside on the patio to check news and give the insomniac neighbors a peek of my favorite boxers. The moon is sitting in the sky right where the plume of smoke from the San Marcos fire was when I went to bed. I can see stars in every direction on a cloudless night and have smelled more smoke from neighbors fireplaces and smoking than I do from the fire. Yes, we’re less than two miles from the fire zone, but we’re also less than a quarter mile from the place to which those people are being evacuated. We’re safe, and Randy’s sleeping peacefully. I’ve woken to far worse mornings.

We got to see much more when we took Diego out for his walk. There are some smoke plumes to the south, all blowing away from us and nothing as dense as it was yesterday. So far, at least as it impacts us, this is nothing like the 2007 wildfires. There are no layers of ash, and even at its worst the smoke is barely noticeable.

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May The Fourth Be With You

You can go about your business now.

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